Public Relations and Community Marketing

Spending valuable staff time on social media engagement or fiscal resources on media advertising for branding campaigns is not common in many B2B companies. This is understandable; the ROI on either investment is difficult to track. But management can and should engage in public relations campaigns. The capital and human resource costs of PR campaigns are more conducive to the B2B sales cycle. Even if you have to become your own PR representative, it's possible to build a positive brand in your industry with a consistent media.

Nonprofit Marketers Can Learn from B2B

Nonprofit marketers are facing new pressures as the economy continues to struggle. Competition for contributions is fierce, and relying on established networks is no longer a guaranteed path to success. Instead, nonprofit leaders are adopting a growth mindset, looking for new and engaging ways to stay out in front of potential donors. The B2B market has faced the same issues, and the tools and tricks they’ve used successfully have relevance for today’s nonprofit managers.

CRM Adoption in Higher Education

CRM, also known as customer relationship management, is a process that uses technology to synchronize, automate and organize business processes. Measuring and valuing customer relationships is one of the most important factors when it comes to CRM. This strategy has helped thousands of companies to manage their interactions with customers, clients and those who are potential sales personal.

Social media at work

Today's enterprise employees use, hopefully at home, Flickr, Yahoo!, Facebook, and other online tools with rich user experiences. Increasingly, they are demanding that at work.
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