Make sure that your Web site is your marketing hub

In the current business climate, human marketing resources are under threat. They are too hard to manage and too expensive. At the same time, clients and potential clients are demanding more and more interaction with your company. If you were to nurture all these leads with human beings, it would cost too much. So, what should you do?

Push the Limits on Print

One thing that I encourage clients and agencies to do is to take advantage of all the print techniques that are available. Too many times, whether it be because they are in a rush or it just slips their minds, designers and creative directors opt for more typical printing methods: four-color process on the standard house sheet. Maybe using a spot color if the project warrants it.

Do you have a 'trampoline site'?

Do you own the compelling content on your web site? One of the key things that you want to make sure of when developing a site is that the most interesting information on your site lives on your site. That is, don't have lots of links from your site to other sites. Chances are that you'll never get them back to your site once they leave.
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