Don't Sabotage Your CRM

The great literary author and poet Henry David Thoreau once wrote, "Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify." At the time, Thoreau did not know he was eloquently speaking words of wisdom to the CRM industry.

Your CRM System Is Your Marketing and Sales Hub

Some businesses only use their CRM system for the most basic functions such as a customer database. This management system is customizable and to obtain its full benefits, think of CRM as the most effective marketing and sales hub your business has.

CRM Adoption In Higher Ed

Although CRM has become very wide-spread in the corporate world, it has yet to be explored much among its adoption into the higher education system. When it comes to higher education, there is a constant rise of higher expectations. Those within the system are expecting more from the system, so it is up to CRM adoption to help meet these rising expectations.
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