Why Design?

It's very popular these days to tout the rise of the design culture. For some, it's the stage past the information age. Even organizations need designing. What's at the root of this feeling?

To Print or Not to Print?

Printing is dead, right? Oh, it's definitely down, but it's certainly not out. It just needs to be thought about in a certain way.

The Agency is Dead. Long Live the Agency!

An agency, in the oldest commercial form of the word, is a company that takes action on behalf of another company. In the marketing world, it's a company that provides marketing, branding, and/or design products. It's to be distinguished from consulting companies that provide services. An agency, then, is supposed to be an extension of a company. It starts with a company's goals and then acts as an extension of that company to provide products that support those goals. The agency in this form has been around some 50 years or so. And the current question is "Does this approach make sense anymore?"

Rethinking the Traditional Linear Revision Process

Every design-oriented work seems to follow the same process: create the work, present, revise. My question today is whether this is the best approach. Using this process, by the time the work is presented, it's usually pretty finished. Thus, the revise step seems difficult and seems to wrench the project off-track. What's more, even if you cycle through this process several times, in the hopes of getting better results, you are just repeating the same problems. Is there a better approach?
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