Guidelines for Buying a Marketing Automation Tool

Having a Marketing Automation tool for your company is beneficial for increasing both the efficiency and revenue for your marketing department. If the software program is used correctly, it can measure what is working for your company and help eliminate what isn't working. There are certain requirements for a successful marketing automation tool.

Nonprofit Marketers Can Learn from B2B

Nonprofit marketers are facing new pressures as the economy continues to struggle. Competition for contributions is fierce, and relying on established networks is no longer a guaranteed path to success. Instead, nonprofit leaders are adopting a growth mindset, looking for new and engaging ways to stay out in front of potential donors. The B2B market has faced the same issues, and the tools and tricks they’ve used successfully have relevance for today’s nonprofit managers.

Progressive Profiling is a Good Thing

Progressive profiling is not a new concept. Unfortunately, the theory behind it hasn’t been put into practice as much as it should be. This is evident to anyone wishing to join one of the various websites that offer numerous would-be subscribers with registration forms with 15 or more fields to fill in—all to receive a simple newsletter or free download. Long registration forms can, and often do, hinder new sign ups and conversion rates.
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