Top 10 Trends in B2B Marketing

In B2B marketing, the free ride is over. That’s the unnerving upshot of a report issued earlier this year by Unica. Metrics demonstrating a connection between social network advertising and sales are the rule of the day. And hence, the need to align social network metrics against sales data means that free tools tied to particular programs are falling out of favor. Pressure to measure up internally isn’t the only thing driving B2B marketers. Consumers increasingly have the upper hand, and are making contact, with sellers. Capitalizing on in-bound marketing has become critical.

Nonprofit Marketers Can Learn from B2B

Nonprofit marketers are facing new pressures as the economy continues to struggle. Competition for contributions is fierce, and relying on established networks is no longer a guaranteed path to success. Instead, nonprofit leaders are adopting a growth mindset, looking for new and engaging ways to stay out in front of potential donors. The B2B market has faced the same issues, and the tools and tricks they’ve used successfully have relevance for today’s nonprofit managers.

Association Marketers: Time to Measure Up

Improving the ratio of cost from lead generation to client or sale is the biggest challenge for associations today. Evidence for this can be found in two recent reports from the Center for Association Leadership (ASAE). The first puts the spotlight on the marketing problems associations are facing, while the second looks at their operating costs. Taken separately, the reports have a great deal to teach association leaders. Taken together, they show that pressure is increasing on marketers to show the connection between their departmental costs and the outcomes they deliver.
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