OSS Thought Leaders: An Interview with Brian Proffitt

Today, Synaxis introduces a new monthly series of interviews, “OSS Thought Leaders.” The purpose is to give our readers and clients access to those thinkers who can describe the trends in OSS, help you better understand OSS’s value, and better deploy OSS in your organization. Today, we sit down with Brian Proffitt to discuss OSS security, licenses, costs, and the software’s surprising non-surprise.

Choosing an Open Source Solution

by Martin Davis

The debate over the ability of open source programs to handle enterprise-class businesses, complex nonprofit operations, and government needs is largely over. While the heavyweights in the proprietary world aren’t going away anytime soon, organizations are increasingly coming to realize that to ignore open source solutions is placing their business at a competitive disadvantage. But not all open source is created equal. What’s the better web solution—WordPress, Drupal, Joomla? What about a CRM—SugarCRM, CiviCRM? I could go on, but you get the point.

Growing into Change: Push the Pain

By Paul Welty

  Drupal has quickly become one of the most powerful, expansive open source programs for building complex business and nonprofit websites. The White House, the prime minister of Australia, Universal Music, the Emmys, and Greenpeace UK are just some of the high-profile organizations that have turned to Drupal to manage their web presence.
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