Site Performance Comparison - Apache / Varnish / CloudFlare

Just for fun, I decided to measure our site performance in three ways:
  1. Apache server
  2. Apache server + Varnish
  3. Apache server + Varnish + CloudFlare
I measured this by accessing the normal public site (through CloudFlare) then setting up alternative URLs to the same website.

Growing into Change: Push the Pain

By Paul Welty

  Drupal has quickly become one of the most powerful, expansive open source programs for building complex business and nonprofit websites. The White House, the prime minister of Australia, Universal Music, the Emmys, and Greenpeace UK are just some of the high-profile organizations that have turned to Drupal to manage their web presence.

CRM Adoption in Higher Education

CRM, also known as customer relationship management, is a process that uses technology to synchronize, automate and organize business processes. Measuring and valuing customer relationships is one of the most important factors when it comes to CRM. This strategy has helped thousands of companies to manage their interactions with customers, clients and those who are potential sales personal.

Dashboards: Can You Handle the Truth?

The following scenario is often the case in most companies. Someone has a revolutionary idea during a board meeting about a new company initiative, and there is a lot of agreement and enthusiasm. However, when it is time to implement the new idea into place, there is dragging of feet. Getting a company dashboard will fit into this category.

Technobabble versus the rebranding process

Website overhauls often cause a rousing and lively discussion leading to long meetings, lists of lists to be collected, strategic decision-maker input, and sometimes even talking to the end users about the site. And it seems inevitable that all of these goals and ideas need to be wrapped in a cleaner and newer interface design with a dash of the latest marketing trends. And it has to be better than your competitors (or other departments). Then the technology questions hit.

Twitter? Facebook? LinkedIn? Are they right for your marketing strategy?

OK, it seems that about once a year the 'next great social media tool' emerges. This year, it seems to be Twitter. Last year, it was Facebook. A couple of years ago, LinkedIn was all the rage. That leads me to a couple of burning questions:
  1. At what point is it acceptable to abandon or ignore a social media tool?
  2. When does it make sense to include a new social media tool as part of your social marketing strategy?
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