Tweeter Opens Up Kidney Transplants

Over at Business 2 Community, Felicia Savage wrote a compelling piece about Indiana University Health’s decision to live tweet a kidney transplant and what it taught her about marketing. Why would anyone do that? According the people at IU, it was fairly simple—they wanted to educate people about the process, thereby dispelling their fears, and get people to visit their kidney donation page and contribute money to research. It worked in a big way.

Twitter? Facebook? LinkedIn? Are they right for your marketing strategy?

OK, it seems that about once a year the 'next great social media tool' emerges. This year, it seems to be Twitter. Last year, it was Facebook. A couple of years ago, LinkedIn was all the rage. That leads me to a couple of burning questions:
  1. At what point is it acceptable to abandon or ignore a social media tool?
  2. When does it make sense to include a new social media tool as part of your social marketing strategy?
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